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Stress analysis of rotating annular hyperbolic discs obeying a pressure-dependent yield criterion
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 Title & Authors
Stress analysis of rotating annular hyperbolic discs obeying a pressure-dependent yield criterion
Jeong, Woncheol; Chung, Kwansoo;
The Drucker-Prager yield criterion is combined with an equilibrium equation to provide the elastic-plastic stress distribution within rotating annular hyperbolic discs and the residual stress distribution when the angular speed becomes zero. It is verified that unloading is purely elastic for the range of parameters used in the present study. A numerical technique is only necessary to solve an ordinary differential equation. The primary objective of this paper is to examine the effect of the parameter that controls the deviation of the Drucker-Prager yield criterion from the von Mises yield criterion and the geometric parameter that controls the profile of hyperbolic discs on the stress distribution at loading and the residual stress distribution.
rotating annular disc;variable thickness;plastic yielding;Drucker-Prager yield criterion;
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