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Effect of the yield criterion on the strain rate and plastic work rate intensity factors in axisymmetric flow
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 Title & Authors
Effect of the yield criterion on the strain rate and plastic work rate intensity factors in axisymmetric flow
Lyamina, Elena A.; Nguyen, Thanh;
The main objective of the present paper is to study the effect of the yield criterion on the magnitude of the strain rate and plastic work rate intensity factors in axisymmetric flow of isotropic incompressible rigid perfectly plastic material by means of a problem permitting a closed-form solution. The boundary value problem consisting of the axisymmetric deformation of a plastic tube is solved. The outer surface of the tube contracts. The radius of the inner surface does not change. The material of the tube obeys quite a general yield criterion and its associated flow rule. The maximum friction law is assumed at the inner surface of the tube. Therefore, the velocity field is singular near this surface. In particular, the strain rate and plastic work rate intensity factors are derived from the solution. It is shown that the strain rate intensity factor does not depend on the yield criterion but the plastic work rate intensity factor does.
strain rate intensity factor;plastic work rate intensity factor;generalised yield criterion;axisymmetric flow;
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