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A new formulation of the J integral of bonded composite repair in aircraft structures
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 Title & Authors
A new formulation of the J integral of bonded composite repair in aircraft structures
Serier, Nassim; Mechab, Belaid; Mhamdia, Rachid; Serier, Boualem;
A three-dimensional finite element method is used for analysis of repairing cracks in plates with bonded composite patch in elastic and elastic plastic analysis. This study was performed in order to establish an analytical model of the J-integral for repair crack. This formulation of the J-integral to establish models of fatigue crack growth in repairing aircraft structures. The model was developed by interpolation of numerical results. The obtained results were compared with those calculated with the finite element method. It was found that our model gives a good agreement of the J-integral. The arrow shape reduces the J integral at the crack tip, which improves the repair efficiency.
composite;Finite Element Method;modelling;fracture mechanic;elastic-plastic;
 Cited by
A new analytical generalization of the J and G-theta integrals for planar cracks in a three-dimensional medium, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 2018  crossref(new windwow)
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