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Vibration analysis of a shear deformed anti-symmetric angle-ply conical shells with varying sinusoidal thickness
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 Title & Authors
Vibration analysis of a shear deformed anti-symmetric angle-ply conical shells with varying sinusoidal thickness
Javed, Saira; Viswanathan, K.K.; Aziz, Z.A.; Lee, J.H.;
The study is to investigate the free vibration of antisymmetric angle-ply conical shells having non-uniform sinusoidal thickness variation. The arbitrarily varying thickness is considered in the axial direction of the shell. The vibrational behavior of shear deformable conical shells is analyzed for three different support conditions. The coupled differential equations in terms displacement and rotational functions are obtained. These displacement and rotational functions are invariantly approximated using cubic spline. A generalized eigenvalue problem is obtained and solved numerically for an eigenfrequency parameter and an associated eigenvector of spline coefficients. The vibration characteristic of the shells is examined for cone angle, aspect ratio, sinusoidal thickness variation, layer number, stacking sequence, and boundary conditions.
vibration;anti-symmetric;conical shell;splines;thickness variation;
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