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Usability of inclinometers as a complementary measurement tool in structural monitoring
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 Title & Authors
Usability of inclinometers as a complementary measurement tool in structural monitoring
Pehlivan, Huseyin; Bayata, Halim Ferit;
In the last few years, many structural monitoring studies have been performed using different techniques to measure structures of different scales such as buildings, dams or bridges. One of the mostly used tools are GPS instruments, which have been utilized in various combinations with accelerometers and some other conventional sensors. In the current study, observation series were recorded for 8 hours with GPS receivers (NovAtel) and Inclination Measurement Sensors mounted on a television tower in Istanbul, Turkey. Each series of observations collected from two different sensors were transformed into a single coordinate system (Local Topocentric Coordinates System). The positional changes of the tower were calculated from the GPS and the inclination data. These changes were plotted in two dimensions (2D) on the same graphic. Thus, the possibility of comparison and analysis were found using the data from both the GPS and the Inclinometer complement each other, in the real test area. The positional changes of the tower were modeled for further examination. As a result, the movement of the tower within an area of was observed. Based on the results, it can be concluded that inclinometers can be used for monitoring the structural behavior of the tower.
structural health monitoring;GPS;inclinometers;time series;measurement;
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