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Nonlinear higher order Reddy theory for temperature-dependent vibration and instability of embedded functionally graded pipes conveying fluid-nanoparticle mixture
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 Title & Authors
Nonlinear higher order Reddy theory for temperature-dependent vibration and instability of embedded functionally graded pipes conveying fluid-nanoparticle mixture
Raminnea, M.; Biglari, H.; Tahami, F. Vakili;
This paper addresses temperature-dependent nonlinear vibration and instability of embedded functionally graded (FG) pipes conveying viscous fluid-nanoparticle mixture. The surrounding elastic medium is modeled by temperature-dependent orthotropic Pasternak medium. Reddy third-order shear deformation theory (RSDT) of cylindrical shells are developed using the strain-displacement relations of Donnell theory. The well known Navier-Stokes equation is used for obtaining the applied force of fluid to pipe. Based on energy method and Hamilton`s principal, the governing equations are derived. Generalized differential quadrature method (GDQM) is applied for obtaining the frequency and critical fluid velocity of system. The effects of different parameters such as mode numbers, nonlinearity, fluid velocity, volume percent of nanoparticle in fluid, gradient index, elastic medium, boundary condition and temperature gradient are discussed. Numerical results indicate that with increasing the stiffness of elastic medium and decreasing volume percent of nanoparticle in fluid, the frequency and critical fluid velocity increase. The presented results indicate that the material in-homogeneity has a significant influence on the vibration and instability behaviors of the FG pipes and should therefore be considered in its optimum design. In addition, fluid velocity leads to divergence and flutter instabilities.
nonlinear vibration;temperature-dependent;orthotropic pasternak medium;FG pipe;fluid-nanoparticle mixture;
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