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Retrofitting of steel pile-abutment connections of integral bridges using CFRP
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 Title & Authors
Retrofitting of steel pile-abutment connections of integral bridges using CFRP
Mirrezaei, Seyed Saeed; Barghian, Majid; Ghaffarzadeh, Hossein; Farzam, Masood;
Integral bridges are typically designed with flexible foundations that include one row of piles. The construction of integral bridges solves difficulties due to the maintenance of expansion joints and bearings during serviceability. It causes integral bridges to become more economic comparing with conventional bridges. Research has been focused not only to enhance the seismic performance of newly designed bridges, but also to develop retrofit strategies for existing ones. The local performance of the pile to abutment connection will have a major effect on the performance of the structure and the embedment length of pile inside the abutment has a key role to provide shear and flexural resistance of pile-abutment connections. In this paper, a simple method was developed to estimate the initial value of embedment length of the pile for retrofitting of specimens. Four specimens of pile-abutment connections were constructed with different embedment lengths of pile inside the abutment to evaluate their performances. The results of the experimentation in conjunction with numerical and analytical studies showed that retrofitting pile-abutment connections with CFRP wraps increased the strength of the connection up to 86%. Also, designed connections with the proposed method had sufficient resistance against lateral load.
integral bridge;steel pile-abutment connection;flexural strength of steel pile;embedment length of pile;retrofitting;CFRP;
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