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Transient response analysis of tapered FRP poles with flexible joints by an efficient one-dimensional FE model
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 Title & Authors
Transient response analysis of tapered FRP poles with flexible joints by an efficient one-dimensional FE model
Saboori, Behnam; Khalili, Seyed Mohammad Reza;
This research develops a finite element code for the transient dynamic analysis of tapered fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) poles with hollow circular cross-section and flexible joints used in power transmission lines. The FRP poles are modeled by tapered beam elements and their flexible joints by a rotational spring. To solve the time equations of transient dynamic analysis, precise time integration method is utilized. In order to verify the utilized formulations, a typical jointed FRP pole under step, triangular and sine pulses is analyzed by the developed finite element code and also ANSYS commercial finite element software for comparison. Thereafter, the effect of joint flexibility on its dynamic behavior is investigated. It is observed that by increasing the joint stiffness, the amplitude of the pole tip deflection history decreases, and the time of occurrence of the maximum deflection is earlier.
transmission pole;fiber-reinforced;transient dynamic;finite element (FE);flexible joint;
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