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A new analytical approach for optimization design of adhesively bonded single-lap joint
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 Title & Authors
A new analytical approach for optimization design of adhesively bonded single-lap joint
Elhannani, M.; Madani, K.; Mokhtari, M.; Touzain, S.; Feaugas, X.; Cohendoz, S.;
In this study the three-dimensional nonlinear finite element method was used to analyze the stresses distribution in the adhesive layer used to joint two Aluminum 2024-T3 adherends. We consider in this study the effect of different parameters witch directly affect the values of different stresses. The experimental design method is used to investigate the effects of geometrical parameters of the single lap joint in order to achieve an optimization of the assembly with simple lap joint. As a result, it can be said that both the geometrical modifications of the adhesive and adherends edge have presented a significant effect at the overlap edge thereby causing a decrease in peel and shear stresses. In addition, an analytical model is also given to predict in a simple but effective way the joint strength and its dependence on the geometrical parameters. This approach can help the designers to improve the quality and the durability of the structural adhesive joints.
single lap joint;finite element analysis;stresses distribution;experimental design method;
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