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A unified formulation for static behavior of nonlocal curved beams
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 Title & Authors
A unified formulation for static behavior of nonlocal curved beams
Tufekci, Ekrem; Aya, Serhan A.; Oldac, Olcay;
Nanobeams are widely used as a structural element for nanodevices and nanomachines. The development of nano-sized machines depends on proper understanding of mechanical behavior of these nano-sized beam elements. Small length scales such as lattice spacing between atoms, surface properties, grain size etc. are need to be considered when applying any classical continuum model. In this study, Eringen`s nonlocal elasticity theory is incorporated into classical beam model considering the effects of axial extension and the shear deformation to capture unique static behavior of the nanobeams under continuum mechanics theory. The governing differential equations are obtained for curved beams and solved exactly by using the initial value method. Circular uniform beam with concentrated loads are considered. The displacements, slopes and the stress resultants are obtained analytically. A detailed parametric study is conducted to examine the effect of the nonlocal parameter, mechanical loadings, opening angle, boundary conditions, and slenderness ratio on the static behavior of the nanobeam.
curved nanobeams;nonlocal elasticity;in-plane statics;exact solution;initial value method;
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