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Analysis of a preliminary configuration for a floating wind turbine
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of a preliminary configuration for a floating wind turbine
Wang, H.F.; Fan, Y.H.; Moreno, Inigo;
There are many theoretical analyses and experimental studies of the hydrodynamics for the tension leg platform (TLP) of a floating wind turbine. However, there has been little research on the arrangement of the TLP`s internal structure. In this study, a TLP model and a 5-MW wind turbine model as proposed by the Minstitute of Technology and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have been adopted, respectively, to comprehensively analyze wind effects and wave and current combinations. The external additional coupling loads on the TLP and the effects of the loads on variables of the internal structure have been calculated. The study investigates preliminary layout parameters-namely, the thickness of the tension leg body, the contact mode of the top tower on the tension leg, the internal stiffening arrangement, and the formation of the spoke structure-and conducts sensitivity analyses of the TLP internal structure. Stress is found to be at a maximum at the top of the tension leg structure and the maximum stress has low sensitivity to the load application point. Different methods of reducing maximum stress have been researched and analyzed, and the effectiveness of these methods is analyzed. Filling of the spoke structure with concrete is discussed. Since the TLP structure for offshore wind power is still under early exploration, arrangements and the configuration of the internal structure, exploration and improvements are ongoing. With regard to its research and analysis process, this paper aims to guide future applications of tension leg structures for floating wind turbine.
floating wind turbine;tension leg platform;structural design;
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