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Uncertainty effects of soil and structural properties on the buckling of flexible pipes shallowly buried in Winkler foundation
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 Title & Authors
Uncertainty effects of soil and structural properties on the buckling of flexible pipes shallowly buried in Winkler foundation
Khemis, Asma; Chaouche, Abdelmadjid Hacene; Athmani, Allaeddine; Tee, Kong Fah;
The failure of civil engineering systems is a consequence of decision making under uncertain conditions. Generally, buried flexible pipes are designed for their transversal behavior to prevent from the important failure mode of buckling. However, the interaction effects between soil and pipe are neglected and the uncertainties in their properties are usually not considered in pipe design. In this regard, the present research paper evaluates the effects of these uncertainties on the uncertainty of the critical buckling hoop force of flexible pipes shallowly buried using the subgrade reaction theory (Winkler model) and First-Order Second-Moment (FOSM) method. The results show that the structural uncertainties of the studied pipes and those of the soil properties have a significant effect on the uncertainty of the critical buckling hoop force, and therefore taking into account these latter in the design of the shallowly flexible pipes for their buckling behavior is required.
uncertainty;soil-structure interaction;flexible buried pipes;subgrade reaction modulus;critical uniform hoop force;FOSM;
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