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Numerical evaluation for vibration-based damage detection in wind turbine tower structure
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  • Journal title : Wind and Structures
  • Volume 21, Issue 6,  2015, pp.657-675
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/was.2015.21.6.657
 Title & Authors
Numerical evaluation for vibration-based damage detection in wind turbine tower structure
Nguyen, Tuan-Cuong; Huynh, Thanh-Canh; Kim, Jeong-Tae;
In this study, the feasibility of vibration-based damage detection methods for the wind turbine tower (WTT) structure is evaluated. First, a frequency-based damage detection (FBDD) is outlined. A damage-localization algorithm is visited to locate damage from changes in natural frequencies. Second, a mode-shape-based damage detection (MBDD) method is outlined. A damage index algorithm is utilized to localize damage from estimating changes in modal strain energies. Third, a finite element (FE) model based on a real WTT is established by using commercial software, Midas FEA. Several damage scenarios are numerically simulated in the FE model of the WTT. Finally, both FBDD and MBDD methods are employed to identify the damage scenarios simulated in the WTT. Damage regions are chosen close to the bolt connection of WTT segments; from there, the stiffness of damage elements are reduced.
frequency-based damage detection;mode-shape-based damage detection;wind turbine tower structure;Midas FEA;
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