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Post-cracking behavior of UHPC on the concrete members reinforced by steel rebar
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  • Journal title : Computers and Concrete
  • Volume 18, Issue 1,  2016, pp.139-154
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/cac.2016.18.1.139
 Title & Authors
Post-cracking behavior of UHPC on the concrete members reinforced by steel rebar
Rahdar, H.A.; Ghalehnovi, M.;
Since the concrete strength around the reinforcement rebar affects the tension stiffening, the tension stiffening effect of ultra high performance concrete on the concrete members reinforced by steel rebar is examined by testing the specimens with circular cross section with the length 850 mm reinforced by a steel rebar at the center of a specimen`s cross section in this research. Conducting a tensile test on the specimens, the cracking behavior is evaluated and a curve with an exponential descending branch is obtained to explain the post-cracking zone. In addition, this paper proposes an equation for this branch and parameters of equation is obtained based on the ratio of cover thickness to rebar diameter (c/d) and reinforcement percentage ().
Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC);reinforcement;tension stiffening;reinforced concrete member;crack;
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