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Fabrication and properties of in-situ Al/AlB2 composite reinforced with high aspect ratio borides
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 Title & Authors
Fabrication and properties of in-situ Al/AlB2 composite reinforced with high aspect ratio borides
Kayikci, Ramazan; Savas, Omer;
Production and properties of metal matrix composites reinforced with an in-situ high aspect ratio flake have been investigated. Boron 2.2wt.% was dissolved in pure Al and Al-Cu alloy at by adding directly boron oxide which resulted in 4 vol.% reinforcing phase. The in-situ flake concentration was increased up to 30 vol.% in order to increase the tensile strength of the composites. Hardness, compressive strength and tensile strength of the composite were measured and compared with their matrix. Results showed that 30 vol.% composite show a 193% increase in the compressive strength and a 322% increase in compressive yield strength. Results also showed that ductility of composites decreases with adding reinforcements.
composite;boron oxide;aluminum boride;in-situ composite;
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