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Experimental study of anisotropic behavior of PU foam used in sandwich panels
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 Title & Authors
Experimental study of anisotropic behavior of PU foam used in sandwich panels
Chuda-Kowalska, Monika; Garstecki, Andrzej;
Polyurethane foam with low density used in sandwich panels is examined in the paper. A series of experiments was carried out to identify mechanical parameters of the foam. Various experimental methods were used for determining the shear modulus, namely a four and three point bending tests (the most common in engineering practice), a double-lap shear test and a torsion test. The behavior of PU in axial compression and tension was also studied. The experiments revealed pronounced anisotropy of the PU foam. An orthotropic model is proposed. Limitations of application of isotropic model of PU in engineering practice is also discussed.
polyurethane foam;anisotropy;sandwich panels;material model;experimental methods;
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