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Component method model for predicting the moment resistance, stiffness and rotation capacity of minor axis composite seat and web site plate joints
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 Title & Authors
Component method model for predicting the moment resistance, stiffness and rotation capacity of minor axis composite seat and web site plate joints
Kozlowski, Aleksander;
Codes EN 1993 and EN 1994 require to take into account actual joint characteristics in the global analysis. In order to implement the semi-rigid connection effects in frame design, knowledge of joint rotation characteristics ( relationship), or at least three basic joint properties, namely the moment resistance , the rotational stiffness and rotation capacity, is required. To avoid expensive experimental tests many methods for predicting joint parameters were developed. The paper presents a comprehensive analytical model that has been developed for predicting the moment resistance , initial stiffness and rotation capacity of the minor axis, composite, semi-rigid joint. This model is based on so-called component method included in EN 1993 and EN 1994. Comparison with experimental test results shows that a quite good agreement was achieved. A computer program POWZ containing proposed procedure were created. Based on the numerical simulation made with the use of this program and applying regression analysis, simplified equations for main joint properties were also developed.
connections;composite joint;semi-rigid;component method;analytical model;initial stiffness;moment resistance;rotation capacity;
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