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Electro-elastic analysis of a sandwich thick plate considering FG core and composite piezoelectric layers on Pasternak foundation using TSDT
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 Title & Authors
Electro-elastic analysis of a sandwich thick plate considering FG core and composite piezoelectric layers on Pasternak foundation using TSDT
Mohammadimehr, Mehdi; Rostami, Rasoul; Arefi, Mohammad;
Third order shear deformation theory is used to evaluate electro-elastic solution of a sandwich plate with considering functionally graded (FG) core and composite face sheets made of piezoelectric layers. The plate is resting on the Pasternak foundation and subjected to normal pressure. Short circuited condition is applied on the top and bottom of piezoelectric layers. The governing differential equations of the system can be derived using Hamilton`s principle and Maxwell`s equation. The Navier`s type solution for a sandwich rectangular thick plate with all edges simply supported is used. The numerical results are presented in terms of varying the parameters of the problem such as two elastic foundation parameters, thickness ratio (), and power law index on the dimensionless deflection, critical buckling load, electric potential function, and the natural frequency of sandwich rectangular thick plate. The results show that the dimensionless natural frequency and critical buckling load diminish with an increase in the power law index, and vice versa for dimensionless deflection and electrical potential function, because of the sandwich thick plate with considering FG core becomes more flexible; while these results are reverse for thickness ratio.
deflection, buckling, and vibration analysis;composite structures;sandwich sandwich reddy plate;FG core;composite piezoelectric layers;electric potential function;
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