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Free vibration analysis of composite cylindrical shells with non-uniform thickness walls
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 Title & Authors
Free vibration analysis of composite cylindrical shells with non-uniform thickness walls
Javed, Saira; Viswanathan, K.K.; Aziz, Z.A.;
The paper proposes to characterize the free vibration behaviour of non-uniform cylindrical shells using spline approximation under first order shear deformation theory. The system of coupled differential equations in terms of displacement and rotational functions are obtained. These functions are approximated by cubic splines. A generalized eigenvalue problem is obtained and solved numerically for an eigenfrequency parameter and an associated eigenvector which are spline coefficients. Four and two layered cylindrical shells consisting of two different lamination materials and plies comprising of same as well as different materials under two different boundary conditions are analyzed. The effect of length parameter, circumferential node number, material properties, ply orientation, number of lay ups, and coefficients of thickness variations on the frequency parameter is investigated.
free vibration;anti-symmetric;non-uniform thickness;shear deformation;spline approximation;frequency parameter;
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