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Probabilistic elastic-plastic analysis of repaired cracks with bonded composite patch
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 Title & Authors
Probabilistic elastic-plastic analysis of repaired cracks with bonded composite patch
Mechab, Belaid; Chama, Mourad; Kaddouri, Khacem; Slimani, Djelloul;
The objective of this work was to evaluate the ductile cracked structures with bonded composite patch used in probabilistic elastic plastic fracture mechanics subjected to tensile load. The finite element method is used to analyze the stress intensity factors for elastic case, the effect of cracks and the thickness of the patch () are presented for calculating the stress intensity factors. For elastic-plastic the Monte Carlo method is used to predict the distribution function of the mechanical response. According to the obtained results, we note that the stress variations are important factors influencing on the distribution function of (J/Je).
composite;finite element method;fracture mechanics;elastic-plastic;probabilistic analysis;
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A probabilistic analysis of Miner's law for different loading conditions,;;;;;

Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 2016. vol.60. 1, pp.71-90 crossref(new window)
A probabilistic analysis of Miner's law for different loading conditions, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 2016, 60, 1, 71  crossref(new windwow)
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