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Hysteretic behavior studies of self-centering energy dissipation bracing system
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 Title & Authors
Hysteretic behavior studies of self-centering energy dissipation bracing system
Xu, Longhe; Fan, Xiaowei; Lu, Dengcheng; Li, Zhongxian;
This paper presents a new type of pre-pressed spring self-centering energy dissipation (PS-SCED) bracing system that combines friction mechanisms between the inner and outer tube members to provide the energy dissipation with the pre-pressed combination disc springs installed on both ends of the brace to provide the self-centering capability. The mechanics and the equations governing the design and hysteretic responses of the bracing system are outlined, and a series of validation tests of components comprising the self-centering mechanism of combination disc springs, the friction energy dissipation mechanism, and a large scale PS-SCED bracing specimen were conducted due to the low cyclic reversed loadings. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed bracing system performs as predicted by the equations governing its mechanical behaviors, which exhibits a stable and repeatable flag-shaped hysteretic response with excellent self-centering capability and appreciable energy dissipation, and large ultimate bearing and deformation capacities. Results also show that almost no residual deformation occurs when the friction force is less than the initial pre-pressed force of disc springs.
self-centering energy dissipation brace;combination disc spring;hysteretic behavior;residual deformation;low cyclic reversed loading test;
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