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Seismic performances of centrifugally-formed hollow-core precast columns with multi-interlocking spirals
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 Title & Authors
Seismic performances of centrifugally-formed hollow-core precast columns with multi-interlocking spirals
Hwang, Jin-Ha; Lee, Deuck Hang; Oh, Jae Yuel; Choi, Seung-Ho; Kim, Kang Su; Seo, Soo-Yeon;
A precast composite column system has been developed in this study by utilizing multi interlocking spiral steel into a centrifugally-formed hollow-core precast (CHPC) column. The proposed hybrid column system can have enhanced performances in the composite interaction behavior between the hollowed precast column and cast-in-place (CIP) core-filled concrete, the lap splice performance of bundled bars, and the confining effect of concrete. In the experimental program, reversed cyclic loading tests were conducted on a conventional reinforced concrete (RC) column fabricated monolithically, two CHPC columns filled with CIP concrete, and two steel-reinforced concrete (SRC) columns. It was confirmed that the interlocking spirals was very effective to enhance the structural performance of the CHPC column, and all the hollow-core precast column specimens tested in this study showed good seismic performances comparable to the monolithic control specimen.
hollow column;precast concrete;interlocking spiral;seismic behavior;composite;
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중공 PC기둥-Half PC보 외부 접합부의 이력거동에 대한 실험적 연구,신덕환;서수연;김강수;

한국콘크리트학회논문집, 2017. vol.29. 5, pp.515-524 crossref(new window)
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