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Experimental and numerical studies on the frame-infill in-teraction in steel reinforced recycled concrete frames
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 Title & Authors
Experimental and numerical studies on the frame-infill in-teraction in steel reinforced recycled concrete frames
Xue, Jianyang; Huang, Xiaogang; Luo, Zheng; Gao, Liang;
Masonry infill has a significant effect on stiffness contribution, strength and ductility of masonry-infilled frames. These effects may cause damage of weak floor, torsional damage or short-column failure in structures. This article presents experiments of 1/2.5-scale steel reinforced recycled aggregates concrete (SRRC) frames. Three specimens, with different infill rates consisted of recycled concrete hollow bricks (RCB), were subjected to static cyclic loads. Test phenomena, hysteretic curves and stiffness degradation of the composite structure were analyzed. Furthermore, effects of axial load ratio, aspect ratio, infill thickness and steel ratio on the share of horizontal force supported by the frame and the infill were obtained in the numerical example.
steel reinforced recycled aggregates concrete;infilled frames;frame-infill interaction;shear distribution;axial load ratio;aspect ratio;infill thickness;steel ratio;
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