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Study on mechanical behaviors of cable-supported ribbed beam composite slab structure during construction phase
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 Title & Authors
Study on mechanical behaviors of cable-supported ribbed beam composite slab structure during construction phase
Qiao, W.T.; An, Q.; Wang, D.; Zhao, M.S.;
The cable-supported ribbed beam composite slab structure (CBS) is a new type of pre-stressed hybrid structure. The standard construction method of CBS including five steps and two key phases are proposed in this paper. The theoretical analysis and experimental research on a 1:5 scaled model were carried out. First, the tensioning construction method based on deformation control was applied to pre-stress the cables. The research results indicate that the actual tensile force applied to the cable is slightly larger than the theoretical value, and the error is about 6.8%. Subsequently, three support dismantling schemes are discussed. Scheme one indicates that each span of CBS has certain level of mechanical independence such that the construction of a span is not significantly affected by the adjacent spans. It is shown that dismantling from the middle to the ends is an optimal support dismantling method. The experimental research also indicates that by using this method, the CBS behaves identically with the numerical analysis results during the construction and service.
cable-supported ribbed beam composite slab;pre-stress;hybrid structure;fabrication;construction;tensioning;dismantling;
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