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Dynamic characteristics analysis of partial-interaction composite continuous beams
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic characteristics analysis of partial-interaction composite continuous beams
Fang, Genshen; Wang, Jingquan; Li, Shuai; Zhang, Shubin;
The dynamic characteristics of continuous steel-concrete composite beams considering the effect of interlayer slip were investigated based on Euler Bernoulli`s beam theory. A simplified calculation model was presented, in which the Mode Stiffness Matrix (MSM) was developed. The natural frequencies and modes of partial-interaction composite continuous beams can be calculated accurately and easily by the use of MSM. Proceeding from the present method, the natural frequencies of two-span steel-concrete composite continuous beams with different span-ratios (0.53, 0.73, 0.85, 1) and different shear connection stiffnesses on the interface are calculated. The influence pattern of interfacial stiffness on bending vibration frequency was found. With the decrease of shear connection stiffness on the interface, the flexural vibration frequencies decrease obviously. And the influence on low order modes is more obvious while the reduction degree of high order is more sizeable. The real natural frequencies of partial-interaction continuous beams commonly used could have a 20% to 40% reduction compared with the fully-interaction ones. Furthermore, the reduction-ratios of natural frequencies for different span-ratios two-span composite beams with uniform shear connection stiffnesses are totally the same. The span-ratio mainly impacts on the mode shape. Four kinds of shear connection stiffnesses of steel-concrete composite continuous beams are calculated and compared with the experimental data and the FEM results. The calculated results using the proposed method agree well with the experimental and FEM ones on the low order modes which mainly determine the vibration properties.
partial-interaction;steel-concrete composite continuous beam;shear connection stiffness;mode stiffness matrix;dynamic analysis;
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