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Finite element study the seismic behavior of connection to replace the continuity plates in (NFT/CFT) steel columns
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 Title & Authors
Finite element study the seismic behavior of connection to replace the continuity plates in (NFT/CFT) steel columns
Rezaifar, Omid; Younesi, Adel;
The use of box columns has been increased due to the rigidity in rigid orthogonal moment resisting frames. On the other hand, the installation and welding of necessary horizontal continuity plates inside the columns are both labor-consuming and costly tasks. Accordingly, in this paper, a new beam-to-box column connection by trapezoidal external stiffeners and horizontal bar mats is presented to provide seismic parameters. The proposed connection consists of eight external stiffeners in the level of beam flanges and five horizontal bar mats in Concrete Filled Tube (CFT) columns. The new connection effectively alleviates the stress concentration and moves the plastic hinge away from the column face by horizontal external stiffeners. In addition, the result shows that proposed connection has provided the required strength and rigidity of connection, so that the increased strength, 8.08% and rigidity, 3.01% are compared to connection with internal continuity plates, also the results indicate that this connection can offer appropriate ductility and energy dissipation capacity for its potential application in moment resisting frames in seismic region. As a result, the proposed connection can be a good alternative for connection with continuity plates.
(NFT/CFT) column;rigid connection;continuity plate;trapezoidal stiffener;bar mats;
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