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Nonlinear vibration analysis of composite laminated trapezoidal plates
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 Title & Authors
Nonlinear vibration analysis of composite laminated trapezoidal plates
Jiang, Guoqing; Li, Fengming; Li, Xinwu;
Nonlinear vibration characteristics of composite laminated trapezoidal plates are studied. The geometric nonlinearity of the plate based on the von Karman`s large deformation theory is considered, and the finite element method (FEM) is proposed for the present nonlinear modeling. Hamilton`s principle is used to establish the equation of motion of every element, and through assembling entire elements of the trapezoidal plate, the equation of motion of the composite laminated trapezoidal plate is established. The nonlinear static property and nonlinear vibration frequency ratios of the composite laminated rectangular plate are analyzed to verify the validity and correctness of the present methodology by comparing with the results published in the open literatures. Moreover, the effects of the ply angle and the length-high ratio on the nonlinear vibration frequency ratios of the composite laminated trapezoidal plates are discussed, and the frequency-response curves are analyzed for the different ply angles and harmonic excitation forces.
composite laminated trapezoidal plates;nonlinear vibration;finite element method;frequency ratios;frequency-response curves;
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