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Experimental study and modelling of CFRP-confined damaged and undamaged square RC columns under cyclic loading
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 Title & Authors
Experimental study and modelling of CFRP-confined damaged and undamaged square RC columns under cyclic loading
Su, Li; Li, Xiaoran; Wang, Yuanfeng;
While the cyclic behaviour of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)-confined columns is studied rather extensively, the cyclic response especially the energy dissipation of FRP-confined damaged and undamaged square RC columns is not yet fully understood. In this paper, an experimental and numerical investigation was conducted to study the cyclic behavior of two different types of Carbon FRP (CFRP)-confined square RC columns: strengthened and repaired. The main variables investigated are initial damage, confinement of CFRP, longitudinal steel reinforcement ratio. The experimental results show that lower initial damage, added confinement with CFRP and longitudinal reinforcement enhance the ductility, energy dissipation capacity and strength of the columns, decrease the stiffness and strength degradation rates of all CFRP-confined square RC columns. Two hysteretic constitutive models were developed for confined damaged and undamaged concrete and cast into the non-linear beam-column fiber-based models in the software Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (OpenSees) to analyze the cyclic behavior of CFRP-confined damaged and undamaged columns. The results of the numerical models are in good agreement with the experiments.
reinforced concrete columns;carbon fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP);cyclic loads;energy dissipation;finite element analysis (FEA);
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