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Seismic performances of steel reinforced concrete bridge piers
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 Title & Authors
Seismic performances of steel reinforced concrete bridge piers
Deng, Jiangdong; Liu, Airong; Yu, Qicai; Peng, Guoxing;
The quasi static test of the steel reinforced concrete (SRC) bridge piers and rigid frame arch bridge structure with SRC piers was conducted in the laboratory, and the seismic performance of SRC piers was compared with that of reinforced concrete (RC) bridge piers. In the test, the failure process, the failure mechanism, hysteretic curves, skeleton curves, ductility coefficient, stiffness degradation curves and the energy dissipation curves were analyzed. According to the relationship of fiber section, the three-wire type theoretical skeleton curve of the lateral force and the pier top displacement was proposed, and the theoretical skeleton curves are well consistent with the experimental curves. Based on the theoretical model, the effects of the concrete strength, axial compression ratio, slenderness ratio, reinforcement ratio, and the stiffness ratio of arch to pier on the skeleton curve were analyzed.
steel reinforced concrete (SRC) pier;rigid frame arch bridge;reinforced concrete (RC) pier;seismic performances;skeleton curve;
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