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A high-order analytical method for thick composite tubes
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 Title & Authors
A high-order analytical method for thick composite tubes
Sarvestani, Hamidreza Yazdani; Hojjati, Mehdi;
In the present paper, a new high-order simple-input analytical method is used to study thick laminated composite straight tubes subjected to combined axial force, torque and bending moment. The most general displacement field of elasticity for an arbitrary laminated composite straight tube is obtained to analytically calculate stresses under combined loadings based on a layerwise method. The accuracy of the proposed method is subsequently verified by comparing the numerical results obtained using the proposed method with finite element method (FEM) and experimental data. The results show good corresponded. The proposed method provides advantages in terms of computational time compared to FEM.
stress analysis;thick laminated composite straight tube;high-order displacement-based method;combined loadings;
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