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Monitoring the failure mechanisms of a reinforced concrete beam strengthened by textile reinforced cement using acoustic emission and digital image correlation
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  • Journal title : Smart Structures and Systems
  • Volume 17, Issue 1,  2016, pp.91-105
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/sss.2016.17.1.091
 Title & Authors
Monitoring the failure mechanisms of a reinforced concrete beam strengthened by textile reinforced cement using acoustic emission and digital image correlation
Aggelis, Dimitrios G.; Verbruggen, Svetlana; Tsangouri, Eleni; Tysmans, Tine; Van Hemelrijck, Danny;
One of the most commonly used techniques to strengthen steel reinforced concrete structures is the application of externally bonded patches in the form of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) or recently, textile reinforced cements (TRC). These external patches undertake the tensile stress of bending constraining concrete cracking. Development of full-field inspection methodologies for fracture monitoring are important since the reinforcing layers are not transparent, hindering visual observation of the material condition underneath. In the present study acoustic emission (AE) and digital image correlation (DIC) are applied during four-point bending tests of large beams to follow the damage accumulation. AE helps to determine the onset of fracture as well as the different damage mechanisms through the registered shifts in AE rate, location of active sources and change in waveform parameters. The effect of wave propagation distance, which in large components and in-situ can well mask the original information as emitted by the fracture incidents is also discussed. Simultaneously, crucial information is supplied by DIC concerning the moments of stress release of the patches due to debonding, benchmarking the trends monitored by AE. From the point of view of mechanics, conclusions on the reinforcing contribution of the different repair methodologies are also drawn.
acoustic emission;digital image correlation;cracking;debonding;externally bonded reinforcement;frequency;RA value;
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