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Slender piezoelectric beams with resistive-inductive electrodes - modeling and axial wave propagation
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  • Journal title : Smart Structures and Systems
  • Volume 18, Issue 2,  2016, pp.335-354
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/sss.2016.18.2.335
 Title & Authors
Slender piezoelectric beams with resistive-inductive electrodes - modeling and axial wave propagation
Schoeftner, Juergen; Buchberger, Gerda; Benjeddou, Ayech;
This contribution presents an extended one-dimensional theory for piezoelectric beam-type structures with non-ideal electrodes. For these types of electrodes the equipotential area condition is not satisfied. The main motivation of our research is originated from passive vibration control: when an elastic structure is covered by several piezoelectric patches that are linked via resistances and inductances, vibrational energy is efficiently dissipated if the electric network is properly designed. Assuming infinitely small piezoelectric patches that are connected by an infinite number of electrical, in particular resistive and inductive elements, one obtains the Telegrapher`s equation for the voltage across the piezoelectric transducer. Embedding this outcome into the framework of Bernoulli-Euler, the final equations are coupled to the wave equations for the longitudinal motion of a bar and to the partial differential equations for the lateral motion of the beam. We present results for the wave propagation of a longitudinal bar for several types of electrode properties. The frequency spectra are computed (phase angle, wave number, wave speed), which point out the effect of resistive and inductive electrodes on wave characteristics. Our results show that electrical damping due to the resistivity of the electrodes is different from internal (
piezoelectric effect;conductive electrodes;linear elastic beam and bar modeling;vibration control;wave propagation;
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