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Kinematic Characteristics of a 4-RRPaRR Type Schönflies Motion Generator
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 Title & Authors
Kinematic Characteristics of a 4-RRPaRR Type Schönflies Motion Generator
Kim, Sung-Mok; Yi, Byung-Ju; Kim, Whee-Kuk;
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This article investigates kinematic characteristics of a Schnflies motion generator which represents a mechanism having translational three Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) and rotational one-DOF motion about a fixed axis. The mechanism consists of the base plate and the moving plate, and four identical limbs connecting them. Each limb employs two revolute joints (RR), one parallelogram (Pa), and two revolute joints (RR) from the base plate to the moving plate. The mechanism is driven by four actuators which are placed on the base plate to minimize dynamic loads. It is shown through simulations that the mechanism can be designed to secure large dexterous workspace and thus has very high potential for actual applications such as haptic devices and high-speed requiring tasks such as pick-and-place operations, riveting, screwing tasks, etc.
Schnflies Motion Generator;Parallel Mechanism;Position Analysis;Kinematic Analysis;Optimal Design;
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특이형상의 위치를 고려한 병렬 기구의 작업공간 최적설계,강재구;김희국;

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