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Force and Pose control for Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand with Redundancy
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 Title & Authors
Force and Pose control for Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand with Redundancy
Yee, Gun Kyu; Kim, Yong Bum; Kim, Anna; Kang, Gitae; Choi, Hyouk Ryeol;
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The versatility of a human hand is what the researchers eager to mimic. As one of the attempt, the redundant degree of freedom in the human hand is considered. However, in the force domain the redundant joint causes a control issue. To solve this problem, the force control method for a redundant robotic hand which is similar to the human is proposed. First, the redundancy of the human hand is analyzed. Then, to resolve the redundancy in force domain, the artificial minimum energy point is specified and the restoring force is used to control the configuration of the finger other than the force in a null space. Finally, the method is verified experimentally with a commercial robot hand, called Allegro Hand with a force/torque sensor.
Robot hand;Redundancy;Null space control;Force control;
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