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A Wireless-Communicated Spirally Column-Climbing Robot with a Manipulator
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 Title & Authors
A Wireless-Communicated Spirally Column-Climbing Robot with a Manipulator
Lee, Suk-Woo; Ha, Sung-Min; Kang, Chul-Goo;
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This paper presents a column-climbing robot with a mechanical manipulator, which can spirally go up and down a column using wheels. The developed robot can do useful works using the manipulator at the top of a column, e.g., electric pole while communicating wirelessly with an operator panel. It is driven using a battery without any power cables, and the average duration of power is at least one hour. The robot has a function to detect a work object using an optical sensor installed at the bottom of the manipulator. The spirally column-climbing robot developed is demonstrated by experimental works and also by showing it at an exhibition.
Climbing robot;Column-climbing;Wireless communication;Manipulator;Kinematics;
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