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Hand Raising Pose Detection in the Images of a Single Camera for Mobile Robot
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 Title & Authors
Hand Raising Pose Detection in the Images of a Single Camera for Mobile Robot
Kwon, Gi-Il;
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This paper proposes a novel method for detection of hand raising poses from images acquired from a single camera attached to a mobile robot that navigates unknown dynamic environments. Due to unconstrained illumination, a high level of variance in human appearances and unpredictable backgrounds, detecting hand raising gestures from an image acquired from a camera attached to a mobile robot is very challenging. The proposed method first detects faces to determine the region of interest (ROI), and in this ROI, we detect hands by using a HOG-based hand detector. By using the color distribution of the face region, we evaluate each candidate in the detected hand region. To deal with cases of failure in face detection, we also use a HOG-based hand raising pose detector. Unlike other hand raising pose detector systems, we evaluate our algorithm with images acquired from the camera and images obtained from the Internet that contain unknown backgrounds and unconstrained illumination. The level of variance in hand raising poses in these images is very high. Our experiment results show that the proposed method robustly detects hand raising poses in complex backgrounds and unknown lighting conditions.
Pose Detection;Mobile Robot;Appearance-based Detection;Single Camera;
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