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Mobile Robots for the Concrete Crack Search and Sealing
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 Title & Authors
Mobile Robots for the Concrete Crack Search and Sealing
Jin, Sung-Hun; Cho, Cheol-Joo; Lim, Kye-Young;
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This study proposes a multi-robot system, using multiple autonomous robots, to explore concrete structures and assist in their maintenance by sealing any cracks present in the structure. The proposed system employed a new self-localization method that is essential for autonomous robots, along with a visualization system to recognize the external environment and to detect and explore cracks efficiently. Moreover, more efficient crack search in an unknown environment became possible by arranging the robots into search areas divided depending on the surrounding situations. Operations with increased efficiency were also realized by overcoming the disadvantages of the infeasible logical behavioral model design with only six basic behavioral strategies based on distributed control-one of the methods to control swarm robots. Finally, this study investigated the efficiency of the proposed multi-robot system via basic sensor testing and simulation.
Mobile robots;Behavior Control;Localization;Concrete crack Search and Sealing;Vision;
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