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Mathematical Expressions and their Meanings in Lee Sang`s Poetry
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  • Journal title : Journal for History of Mathematics
  • Volume 29, Issue 2,  2016, pp.89-102
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for History of Mathematics
  • DOI : 10.14477/jhm.2016.29.2.089
 Title & Authors
Mathematical Expressions and their Meanings in Lee Sang`s Poetry
Shin, Kyunghee;
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Lee Sang, one of the representative poets of Korean Modern Poetry, wrote poems which present the existentialistic modernism in the 1920s, the chaotic era of Korean history. The characteristics of his works have been shown by various points of view. This paper especially explored the meaning and feature of mathematical expressions by numbers, symbols and other signs of mathematics in Lee`s poems. His poems are composed by scientific and abstract rules in mathematics which are expressed as mathematical symbols. The paper focuses on analyzing seven poems which maximizes mathematical expressions among his poetry. This kind of work would be the one of ways to figure out the features of mathematics through literature.
Lee Sang;numbers and mathematical symbols as a language of poem;realistic ego;ideal ego;dimension extension;
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