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Nutritional and Taste Characterization of Commercial Salted Semi-dried Brown Croaker Miichthys miiuy
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 Title & Authors
Nutritional and Taste Characterization of Commercial Salted Semi-dried Brown Croaker Miichthys miiuy
Park, Kwon Hyun; Kang, Sang In; Kim, Yong Jung; Heu, Min Soo; Kim, Jin-Soo;
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This study characterized the nutrition and taste of commercial salted semi-dried brown croaker Miichthys miiuy (SSD-BC). The mean crude protein content of the commercial SSD-BC was (range, 17.7-23.2%), and the mean crude lipid content was (range, 0.3-1.1%). The total amino acid content ranged from 17.08 to 18.56 g/100 g, except for sample code 5, which was 22.24 mg/100 g and differed significantly from the other samples. The major amino acids in the commercial SSD-BC were aspartic acid, glutamic acid, leucine, and lysine. In the commercial SSD-BC, the calcium ranged from 11.1-21.4 mg/100 g, phosphorus from 148.4-209.2 mg/100 g, and magnesium from 12.2-48.2 mg/100 g. Monoenoic acid (37.1-40.3%) was the most common fatty acid, followed by saturated acid (33.9-36.3%) and polyenoic acid (25.1-29.2%). The prominent fatty acids in the commercial SSD-BC were 16:0 (23.9-26.5%), 16:1n-7 (11.3-13.0%), 18:1n-9 (19.7-21.5%), and 22:6n-3 (6.9-10.7%). The mean trichloroacetic acidsoluble nitrogen content was 248.1 (range, 137.2-334.2) mg/100 g. The evaluation demonstrated that the commercial SSD-BC is rich in nutrition and taste.
Salted semi-dried fish;Brown croaker;Miichthys miiuy;Commercial seafood products;
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