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Sanitary Quality of Commercial Salted-dried Convict Grouper Epinephelus septemfasciatus, and Longneck Croaker Pseudotolithus typus
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 Title & Authors
Sanitary Quality of Commercial Salted-dried Convict Grouper Epinephelus septemfasciatus, and Longneck Croaker Pseudotolithus typus
Park, Kwon Hyun; Kang, Sang In; Kim, Min Joo; Lee, Su Gwang; Park, Sun Young; Heu, Min-Soo; Kim, Jin-Soo;
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This study investigated the sanitary characteristics of commercial salted semi-dried convict grouper Epinephelus septemfasciatus (SSD-CG) and longneck croaker Pseudotolithus typus (SSD-LC) and suggested standards for salted semi-dried fish (SSD-F), based on the domestic standards for salted mackerel (Scomber japonicus or kwamegi) and salted dried yellow corvenia (Pseudosciaena manchurica), and sanitary characteristics of commercial SSD-F. For the commercial SSD-CG and SSD-LC, respectively, the moisture content ranged from 64.6-76.1 and 65.7-77.5%, salinity from 2.7-8.2 and 1.5-4.9%, volatile basic nitrogen (VBN) from 22.1-88.2 and 13.5-87.4 mg/100 g, peroxide value (POV) from 17.2-195.0 and 28.5-190.2 mEq/kg, and viable cell counts from 6.1-8.4 and 5.4-7.2 log (CFU/g). No Escherichia coli was detected in six kinds of SSD-CG or three kinds of SSD-LC. The standard for controlling the quality of SSD-F is the moisture content (>68%), salinity (>3%), VBN content (>50 mg/100 g), POV (>60 mEq/kg), viable cell counts (> CFU/g), E. coli (>MPN/100 g), and others. Using the established standards, no commercial SSD-F passed. The chemical, microbial, and other results for commercial SSD-F suggest that provisions for controlling the quality of high-quality SSD-F should be established.
Salted semi-dried fish;Convict grouper;Longneck croaker;Epinephelus septemfasciatus;Pseudotolithus typus;
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