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Seasonal Variations in the Species Composition of Fisheries Resources Caught by Trammel Net in the Uljin Marine Ranching Area, East Sea
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 Title & Authors
Seasonal Variations in the Species Composition of Fisheries Resources Caught by Trammel Net in the Uljin Marine Ranching Area, East Sea
Yoon, Byoung Sun; Park, Jeong-Ho; Yoon, Sang Chul; Yang, Jae Hyeong; Lee, Sung-Il; Kim, Jong-Bin; Choi, Young-Min; Sohn, Myoung Ho;
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Variations in the species composition, biomass and size distribution of fisheries resources in the Uljin marine ranching area were investigated using trammel nets at two stations (artificial reef and natural rocky area) from 2009 to 2010. During the survey, a total of 74 species were sampled with a mean density of 132 ind./net and mean biomass of 21.56 kg/net. In the natural rocky area, a total of 45 species were sampled at a mean density of 202 ind./net and mean biomass of 28.81 kg/net, while in the artificial reef area, samples included a total of 56 species, with means of 62 ind./net and 14.30 kg/net. The dominant species, comprising over 3% of the total number of individuals, were Suberites ficus (30.8%), Ovalipes punctatus (19.2%), Paralichthys olivaceus (11.7%), Pleuronectes herzensteini (4.7%), Kareius bicoloratus (3.5%), Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae (3.5%) and Eopsetta grigorjewi (3.0%). The dominant species, in terms of biomass, comprising over 5% of the total biomass, were P. olivaceus (22.1%), S. ficus (18.7%), O. punctatus (7.2%), Hexagrammos otakii (6.6%), P. yokohamae (5.7%), K. bicoloratus and P. herzensteini (5.3%). A cluster analysis and non-metric multidimensional scaling (nMDS) analysis based on the Bray-Curtis similarity of fourth root transformed data for number of species and individuals, was divided into two groups: the artificial reef area (group A) and the natural rocky area (group B).
Uljin marine ranching area;Trammel nets;Fisheries resources;Artificial reef;Natural rocky;
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