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A Study on Long-term Monitoring of Seaweed Flora and Community Structure at Hakampo, Western Coast of Korea
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Long-term Monitoring of Seaweed Flora and Community Structure at Hakampo, Western Coast of Korea
Heo, Jin Suk; Han, Su Jin; Choi, Han Gil; Nam, Ki Wan;
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Macroalgal community structure was seasonally examined at Hakampo (Taean) in western coast of Korea from February 2007 to October 2010. Also, the effects of "Hebei Spirit" oil spill on the seaweed community structure were evaluated. A total of 101 macroalgal species were identified, comprising 12 green, 18 brown and 71 red algae. Species richness ranged 58-65 species with maximal in 2008 and minimal in 2009. Seaweed biomass ranged (mean, ) with maximal in 2008 and minimal in 2010. Vertical distribution from the high to low intertidal zone was Neorhodomela aculeata and Polyopes affinis; Corallina pilulifera and Chondrus ocellatus; Sargassum thunbergii and Ulva australis. Coarsely-branched seaweeds comprised the highest proportion of biomass (, or 41.86% of the total biomass) and ecological state group I (ESG I) seaweed biomass was between 81.67-85.44%. Also, ephemeral macroalgae including Ulva species sharply increased in species number and biomass within 1-2 year from the "Hebei Sprit" oil spill in the mid and low intertidal zone. Hakampo rocky shore is still good condition as evaluated based on macroalgal species number, biomass, and composition in functional form and ESG I seaweeds.
Biomass;Hakampo;Oil spill;Seaweed;Vertical distribution;
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해조류 군집지수에 기초한 해양국립공원의 생태학적 평가,오지철;최한길;김철도;안중관;

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