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Maturity and Spawning of Sebastes thompsoni in the Coastal Waters off Ulleungdo, Korea
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 Title & Authors
Maturity and Spawning of Sebastes thompsoni in the Coastal Waters off Ulleungdo, Korea
Yang, Jae Hyeong; Lee, Jae Bong; Lee, Hae Won; Cha, Hyung Kee; Kim, So Ra; Heo, Yo Won;
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We investigated the maturation and spawning of Sebastes thompsoni in the coastal waters off Ulleungdo, based on samples collected by gill net from March 2013 to February 2014. We analyzed monthly changes in maturity stage, gonadosomatic index (GSI), egg diameter, fecundity, and total length (TL) at 50% group maturity. The average TLs of female and male S. thompsoni were 22.6 cm and 22.5 cm, respectively. The main parturition period of females was during March and April. The GSI of females began to increase in January, and reached a maximum in March. The GSI of male reached a maximum between January and February. The spawning period of males was shorter than that of females. The egg diameter during gestation stage was 1.4±2.1 mm. The TL of females at 50% group maturity was 22.3 cm.
Sebastes thompsoni;Maturity;Spawning;Ulleungdo;
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