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A Study on the Needs of the Print-Disabled for Utilization of the Electronic Publication: Focused on the Visually Disabled and the Deaf
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A Study on the Needs of the Print-Disabled for Utilization of the Electronic Publication: Focused on the Visually Disabled and the Deaf
Kim, Jung-Sim; Nam, Young-Joon; Seo, Man-Deok;
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This study aims to identify the needs of the disabled around E-books in order to develop such E-books. This study surveys the disabled, including the visually disabled and the deaf, on the usage of publications by disability type, the area of improvement to enhance E-book accessibility and the E-book functions for the disabled. The study surveys 196 people with the following key findings. First, the disabled have a preference for paper books over E-books. Second, the disabled read for practical tips in daily lives, cultural development and self development in such particular order. Third, the disabled have a negative view on function and variety of E-books, and want E-books to be customizable software-based rather than a simple platform-based.
The Print-Disabled;E-book;Electric Book;The Disabled;User Study;E-book Platform;
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장애인의 독서치료를 위한 대체자료 현황 및 개발방안에 대한 연구,백재은;

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