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A Study on Developing the Evaluation Items for Estimating the Digitization Level of Libraries
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Developing the Evaluation Items for Estimating the Digitization Level of Libraries
Noh, Younghee;
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This study was conducted to develop items for evaluating the level of the digitization of libraries. For this purpose, it analyzed the literature related to the digital library, underwent a convergence process of 10 experts, and finally derived an axis of 13 different dimensions comparing the digitization of libraries. The axis is composed of acquisitions, collections (physical and online collections), classification and cataloging, circulation service, reference, user service, SNS service, the library`s organization and staff, device providing service, next-generation service, and status of our library. This study conducted a survey of librarians to secure the validation of the primarily derived evaluation items regarding libraries` digitization. As a result, the average rating of the traditional evaluation items was 3.82, and the average rating of the digital evaluation items was 4.08. Therefore, it can be said that the results of this research to evaluate the digitized level of libraries have a certain degree of validity.
Library;Digitization Level;Conventional Characteristics;Digital Characteristics;Evaluation Items;
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