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A Study on Manufacturing Method of iron Sickles Found in Jangjae-ri, Yeongi, Korea
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  • Journal title : Journal of Conservation Science
  • Volume 31, Issue 4,  2015, pp.489-497
  • Publisher : The Korean Society Of Conservation Science For Cultural Properties
  • DOI : 10.12654/JCS.2015.31.4.14
 Title & Authors
A Study on Manufacturing Method of iron Sickles Found in Jangjae-ri, Yeongi, Korea
Cho, Hyun Kyung; Cho, Nam Chul; Lee, Seon Young;
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Iron sickle is tool used in various ways and have various form. It has agricultural feature as well as is used in weapon. Previous studies have been focused on features of farming tools. In this study, metallurgical analysis of iron sickles are introduced because examples of analysis for iron sickles is rare. Two sickles form Yeongi Jangjae-ri are investigated and compared to one sickle of Yeongi Songwon-ri. Three sickles have forging molding process and heat treatment process. No.1 sickle of Jangjae-ri have martensite of quenching. No.2 sickle of Jangjae-ri was undergone high temperature as compared with others. This show manufacturing technology of sickles from Jangjae-ri in over the Songwon-ri's.
Sickle;Microstructure;Farming tool;Jangjae-ri;Songwon-ri;
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