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Metallurgical Analysis for Non-ferrous Smelting Slag Collected from Seosan Area
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  • Journal title : Journal of Conservation Science
  • Volume 32, Issue 2,  2016, pp.189-202
  • Publisher : The Korean Society Of Conservation Science For Cultural Properties
  • DOI : 10.12654/JCS.2016.32.2.08
 Title & Authors
Metallurgical Analysis for Non-ferrous Smelting Slag Collected from Seosan Area
Lee, Hye Jin; Lee, Hye Youn; Lee, So Dam; Cho, Nam Chul;
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To figure out the material characteristics about slag and raw materials which are founded in iron product sites in Seosan area, we used XRF, EDS to analysis chemical compositions. Also we observe the microstructure by microscope and SEM. To identify the mineral component, XRD analysis was used and to assume the provenance of the raw material, lead isotope ratio analysis was used. From the results, we figure out that slags are non-ferrous created when metal was refined. Also, main tissue of slags were Fayalite, Galena, Magnetite, and raw materials were identified as mineral of Galena, Anglesite, Pyrite etc. From the result about lead isotope ratio analysis, we found out most samples are classified as the Western Gyeonggi massif in South Korea. Especially three of raw materials and slag samples which collected in the Seosan Doseongri was presumed to be the provenance. We figure out that slags we analyzed were made in non-ferrous metal smelting process and especially that were more likely to smelt from Seosan Doseongri. If various slags in this area are analysed by someone, It will contribute understanding non-ferrous metal refining process as well as metal refining which are composed.
Iron Production;Slag;Non-ferrous Metal Refining;Lead isotope ratio;Provenance;
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