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Study of Noncontact Condition Diagnosis on Painting with Terahertz Waves
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  • Journal title : Journal of Conservation Science
  • Volume 32, Issue 2,  2016, pp.235-247
  • Publisher : The Korean Society Of Conservation Science For Cultural Properties
  • DOI : 10.12654/JCS.2016.32.2.12
 Title & Authors
Study of Noncontact Condition Diagnosis on Painting with Terahertz Waves
Baek, Na Yeon; Kang, Dai Ill; Ha, Tae Woo; Sim, Kyung Ik; Lee, Ho Won; Kim, Jae Hoon; Lee, Han Hyoung;
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Conventional imaging techniques such as ultraviolet, infrared, and X-ray are used mainly to diagnose the damaged parts of the painted cultural assets in Korea. These techniques, however, have limits in diagnosing damages of interlayer parts. We have performed and extensive study on the applicability of Terahertz(THz) analysis technique, introduced recently to this field of study on cultural properties in Korea, to diagnose painted cultural assets. The specimens, produced to imitate the damage types of Korean painted properties, were analyzed over their painting, supporting, and backing layers by terahertz pulse imaging technique. The analyzed results provided information about the cracks, the separated areas, and the separated distances between layers on the specimens. Our research, then, was extended to real painted cultural remains, Birojana Sam-shin Gwebul-do at Bongseon Temple in Namyang-ju, Korea National Treasure Number 1792, through which we have obtained 3D information about the extent and pattern of damages to the asset. These results demonstrate that terahertz 3D imaging technique has the capability of noncontact 3D diagnosis on painted cultural properties.
Terahertz wave;Noncontact analysis;Condition diagnosis;Painting asset;3D imaging;
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