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Study on Features of Software Cyborg in the Virtual Game -PS4 ocusing Game-
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  • Journal title : Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • Volume , Issue ,  2015, pp.279-306
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • DOI : 10.7230/KOSCAS.2015.41.279
 Title & Authors
Study on Features of Software Cyborg in the Virtual Game -PS4 ocusing Game-
Kim, Dae-Woo;
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This paper is a study of the changing nature of software for virtual Cyborg self and the virtual body that occur in the game from a philosophical point of view. Looking broadly, the cyborg concept refers to the combination of man and machine. Specifically, there is a hardware cyborg organism to combine human and restoration of machine In addition, there is software cyborg by electronic the human brain of converting a virtual body. Virtual games are cases software-Cyborg applied. In the game , There seems to have characteristics of virtual body and ego that different from general cyborg meaning. To analyze the features, I applied the concept of software-cyborg of Hans morabek and the multiple selves in cyberspace properties of Kim Sun-Hee. generally, software cyborg cloning the brain type tended to invalidate the body due to the nature of the virtual world. But If you look at third-person`s view and the game character that made from real actors, it is pursuing the realism of photographic images and it stressed the need for a virtual body in order to maintain the psychological identity of the player. And, The game player crosses the eight characters to choose while completing the mission. This is a big role in the reality ego leads to the desired final ending with the selection and experience to be experienced as self-replication to multiple. These cyber multi-ego looks for an active and positive features compared to the multi-ego in the real world and highlights the advantages of the software cyborg. Game The characteristics of the final result varies depending on the selection of the player. The life and death of a friend is determined by the relationship between the characters friendship. In this case, the virtual self is empirically through trial and error, moral, and try to select the desired setting the standard for intuitive and self own choice. Also It can be fused to the knowledge of multiple selves as one step is formed by a high spiritual introspection. This process is a positive interpretation of the world and their own forms of mental reflection through self-overcoming human, Nietzsche is said that the process is Wibeomenswi.
Software-Cyborg;Virtual Ego;Virtual Body;Replication;Multi-Ego;Wibeomenswi;
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