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Expression of Good and Evil in Animation Film from a Perspective of Dionysian : Focusing on , a 3D Animation Film
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  • Journal title : Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • Volume , Issue ,  2015, pp.31-55
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies
  • DOI : 10.7230/KOSCAS.2015.41.031
 Title & Authors
Expression of Good and Evil in Animation Film from a Perspective of Dionysian : Focusing on , a 3D Animation Film
An, Se-Ung;
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The purpose of this study is to pay attention to the expression of good and evil which has Been significantly developed out of the existing dichotomous good and evil in animation films and to identify for them. Even though 3D animation films provides us with a sense of realistic existence due to surprising technical powers, the stories contained in such films tend to remain in the limit of family films. However, recently, some films have been presented beyond such limit with a scenario that makes people introspect their inner side. Among them, this study considered the expression of good and evil of , which extended the meaning of didactic morality into the dimension of `Philosophy of Dionysian yes`, as significant for research purpose. More specifically, this study looked at and discussed this film in more details in the aspect of focusing on the value of good and evil for eliminating the boundary of the existing perspective and pursuing positive overcoming. The frame of the concept for discussion used the philosophical statements of Kant and Hegel as well as Nietzsche who explained the meaning of good and evil with Dionysian view. As to the method of research, this study attempted to understand the theoretically related concepts and discuss the meaning, along with the presentation of examples, by inputting such meaning into the expression of good and evil presented in the film. This study has the implication in identifying that an animation film, as a virtual world, plays a role of opening a new prospect for conversion of thought in our real world and expecting a future progress.
3D Animation Film;Expression of Good and Evil;Dionysian Man;Big Hero;
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